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About Us


ToBeMo Cosmetics was founded in 2013 in Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is a company mainly engaged in the promotion and sale of organic skin care products. In the past ten years of development, we have achieved cooperation with more than 20 organic brands, the business scope includes organic beauty cosmetics, cosmetics, skin care products, video and health products, etc. We have won a good reputation among customers acquired with thoughtful services and cost-effective products.

The TobeMo organic shop in Berlin is located at Bismarck Str. 69, 10627 Berlin, Charlottenburg. The shopping environment in the store is comfortable and the layout is beautiful. It also offers you various beauty and body services, including but not limited to skin care, massage, semi-permanent tattoos and other items so that you can make the most of the authentic German-made caring ones and professional services of the Chinese-style beauty salon let your body and mind fully enjoy and relax.

Established since 2021, the Octopus Circle Space has also become one of the most popular places for Chinese offline activities in Berlin and is regularly hosted parent-child activities, exploration of women's body and mind, a Chinese library, job search lectures, art exhibitions , crafts, etc. General Manager There's an event for you! Of course you can also become a member of this space and enrich the connotation of this space together with all Octopus Space members and event participants!

If you work as a freelancer in Berlin as a beautician, physiotherapist, tattoo artist, manicurist or masseur, but limited space and high rents make your career and work difficult, if you want to develop well, you are welcome to contact us and share the beauty room, the equipment and venue in our store, so that you can better show your professional skills in this professional and practical space, and better expand your own business!

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