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Relaxation massages (60 minutes)                        60€

The often tense and tight muscles of the neck, shoulder, and back benefit from a traditional Chinese massage. This stimulates blood circulation in the muscles and improves the supply of oxygen. Muscular tension is relieved so that the pressure on the nerves is also reduced. The better blood and energy flow leads to a more relaxed back and shoulder girdle so that your suffering after one-sided stress - for example from sitting for too long or from overexertion in sports - is reduced.

Hardening of the muscles in the back, neck, and shoulder girdle caused by sitting for too long and lack of exercise is a widespread disease. After a careful anamnesis, we treat the hardened muscles and other muscle groups that are affected as a result of the hardening or that cause the problems



Anti Stress Massage/Tuina (60 Minutes)          80€  

Tui na is a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese Taoist principles to balance the eight principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The practitioner may brush, knead, roll, squeeze, and rub the areas between each of the joints known as the Eight Gates to attempt to open the body's defensive Chi (Wei Qi) and the energy in the meridians and to get the muscles moving. The techniques can be gentle or fairly firm. The name comes from two of the actions: Tui means "push" and Na means "lift and push". Thus, the practitioner can then use the range of motion, traction, and stimulation of the acupressure points to free the body and mind. These techniques are intended to aid in the management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions. 


Fußreflexzonenmassage (50 Minutes)                    60€

This message is good accompanying therapy for relieving symptoms and stimulating the self-healing powers can relieve symptoms and stimulate self-healing powers. For example, diseases of the skeleton or muscles, migraines, headaches, allergies, but also with sleep disorders, depression, stress, and exhaustion. It is not used on people with fractures, wounds, fungal infections, rheumatism, or diabetic foot. Pregnant women do not receive foot reflexology massages from us either. The blood flow to the muscles is stimulated, which means that they are better supplied with oxygen again. Muscular tension is relieved so that the pressure on the nerves is also reduced. Better blood and energy flow leads to lighter and more relaxed legs and feet.


Nacken-Schulter Massage (30 Minutes)         40€

It doesn’t matter whether it’s sitting incorrectly in the office for several hours or strenuous physical work, everyone can contract neck tension, which usually causes a feeling of discomfort or stress. It affects both older people and young people. The neck and shoulder massage, as the name suggests, treats the affected areas with the utmost care so that you can move freely again afterward and find new energy. In addition, the massage stimulates your blood circulation, which awakens your concentration; the feeling of stress is greatly reduced. The neck and shoulder massage not only cares for your muscles but also for your skin, which is kneaded with fine essential oils to make it smooth.


Lymphdrainage (30 Minuten)                  40€

During lymphatic drainage, the lymphatic drainage is stimulated again so that the lymphatic fluid does not accumulate and can flow freely again. In this way, liquids that get into the tissue naturally through the bloodstream are fed back into the bloodstream and there are no longer any annoying swellings in the tissue. In contrast to other massages, lymph drainage is carried out with gentle movements, because the superficial lymph channels run directly under the skin. This allows you to enjoy a gentle, yet very body-care experience, which gives you a feeling of well-being.


Kung fu tea 




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Each treatment includes a free floral tea.
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