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Sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

Benefits of sugaring: at a glance

sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

The reasons are obvious. Compared to waxing or electrical epilation, sugaring offers clear advantages: In addition to the noticeably gentler procedure, the sugar - the energy source of biological life - brings a lot of power and positive effects for the skin. We would be happy to explain the differences between sugaring and waxing to you personally - visit us!

sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

Sugar was used to remove hair 5,000 years ago. As "Cleopatra's gold", sugar had a special status. The technology has proven itself for centuries in the oriental region. As a rediscovered cosmetics trend enriched by the latest dermatological knowledge, sugaring spread from Canada to Europe and worldwide.

sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

Regular sugaring weakens the hair papilla and naturally reduces hair growth. In our experience, removing sugar from acne or particularly dry skin also improves the complexion because the hyperkeratoses are gently and cleanly removed. Due to its natural composition, sugar paste is a strong disinfectant. 

Sugaring is only possible on Saturday!

sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

face sugaring

Chin                                        15,00 €

Upper lip                                10,00 €

Nose                                          5,00 €

Cheeks                                    15.00 €

Forehead                                  12,00 €

Face complete                         65,00 €

Eyebrow upper lip-Chin                35,00 €

sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

Bikini sugaring

bikini line                                     20.00€
Bikini complete first treatment incl. bottom fold                

Bikini complete first treatment    58.00€

Bikini complete aftercare including bottom fold                                    55.00€

Bikini complete aftercare              48.00€

Bikini lower leg armpit bottom   120,00€

Beine-Bikini-Achseln                   140,00€

sugaring Gesichtsbehandlung

Body sugaring

Underarms initial treatment        25,00 €

Underarms after-treatment           20,00€

Underarms                                      30,00€

Arms complete                              38,00 €

Chest                                                8,00 €

Lower leg                                       35,00 €

Thighs                                            40,00 €

Legs complete                                65,00 €

buttocks                                          15,00 €

Butt crease                                     10,00 €


kung fu tea 


8:00 p.m

Each treatment includes a free floral tea.

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